Balikpapan’s Best Hotels – Modern Comfort in East Kalimantan

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Balikpapan, a vibrant city located in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, offers visitors a wide range of modern amenities and attractions. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, one crucial aspect of your trip is finding the perfect accommodation. Balikpapan boasts several top-notch hotels that cater to the needs of discerning travelers. In this article, we will explore some of the best hotels in Balikpapan, providing an overview of their facilities, services, and location.

Balikpapan'S Best HotelsSource:

1. The Luxurious Grand Hotel

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The Grand Hotel is a luxurious five-star hotel located in the heart of Balikpapan’s business district. With its elegant design and exceptional service, it offers a truly unforgettable experience for its guests. The hotel boasts spacious and well-appointed rooms, each equipped with modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs, high-speed internet access, and mini-bars. The Grand Hotel also features a range of facilities including a swimming pool, fitness center, and spa, ensuring guests have everything they need for a comfortable and relaxing stay.

2. Balikpapan Beach Resort

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For those seeking a beachfront retreat, Balikpapan Beach Resort is the perfect choice. Located along the stunning coast of Balikpapan, this resort offers breathtaking views of the ocean and direct access to the beach. The rooms are tastefully decorated and feature modern amenities, ensuring guests enjoy a comfortable stay. The resort also boasts a range of recreational facilities, including a beachside pool, tennis courts, and a spa. With its serene ambiance and proximity to nature, Balikpapan Beach Resort provides an idyllic getaway for travelers.

3. The Business Traveler’s Haven – Aston Hotel

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Designed with the needs of business travelers in mind, Aston Hotel is a modern and stylish hotel conveniently located near Balikpapan’s business and commercial centers. The hotel offers well-equipped meeting rooms, a business center, and high-speed internet access, making it an ideal choice for corporate travelers. The spacious rooms provide a comfortable working environment, while the hotel’s dining options cater to various culinary preferences. Aston Hotel also features a fitness center and swimming pool, allowing guests to unwind after a busy day of meetings.

4. The Family-friendly Oasis – Novotel Balikpapan

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Novotel Balikpapan is a family-friendly hotel that ensures a delightful stay for both parents and children. The hotel offers spacious family rooms equipped with all necessary amenities, including a separate play area for kids. The hotel’s recreational facilities include a children’s pool, playground, and kids’ club, ensuring young guests have a great time during their stay. Parents can also enjoy the hotel’s spa, fitness center, and various dining options. With its focus on family-friendly services, Novotel Balikpapan is an excellent choice for those traveling with children.

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